Prevent your family’s tech obsession in
5 minutes a day

A series of self-guided workshops where a child and parent explore the impacts of technology on their lives. Workshops are designed for grades 3-8.

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Features and Perks

Technology is stealing our time. These engaging workshops will help you gain time back, and lead to better family communication and connections.

  1. Our Promise

    You will be given tools to help you and your family to “own” your technology rather than it “owning” you.

  2. Surprising Results

    Limiting technology will not cause your child to hate you, but rather, you will enjoy each other and have fun together, all while taking back lost time from technology obsession.

  3. Education and Awareness

    We will shine a light on technology pitfalls and educate you and your family on how to use technology as a tool and not merely entertainment.

  4. Just 5 Minutes a Day

    Spend quality time as family learning how to defeat the free time killer.

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Before Giving Membership

Our solution engages your child. They have so much fun, they will beg you to do more activities.

John Schwind – Before Giving Co-creator

  1. One parent and one child work together

  2. Kids are willingly involved

  3. Content is engaging

  4. Lives are changed

Designed for kids grades 3-8, this is a series of self-guided workshops that one parent and one child go through, exploring the impacts of technology on their lives. Inviting content will make discussions about technology flow easily.

Your child will be engaged in the dynamic, informative material that will have them asking to do more. This will surely have a huge payoff for you and your family.

Which ones are you concerned about?

Depression, anxiety


of ages 13-18 year have, or will have, a serious mental illness before they reach adulthood



of Americans believe that smartphone addiction is real

Need for instant gratification

2 sec

the time a website must load in before viewers abandon it

Obesity, growing couch potatoes

9 mil

adolescents affected by excess weight due to lack of physical activity and technological advances

Lack of focus and attention

8 sec

the average attention span which is shorter than a goldfish

Too connected to a device


how far 95 % of us are away from our phones

Lack of sleep, fatigue, headaches

60 mins

less sleep a night in children who used their phone or computer at bedtime

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Your child struggle with the following? Learn how to help your child engage constructively.

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  • Gaming

  • Endless Videos

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